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RoseHip Hat Designs are classic, modern and reflect the prevailing mood of fashion. Each hat is made one-of-a-kind and features sustainable fabrics: re-invented vintage textile treasures; earth-friendly fibres such as hemp and organic cotton; and a variety of natural fibre 'upcycled' materials.

I’ve been a Granville Island market day vendor since 1997, and a hat designer forever, or thereabouts – my love for the art of millinery came about from a life-long passion for the expression of personal style through fashion. 

My grandmother (Nana) was an expert seamstress, and at a wee age I begged her to teach me to sew. My first lesson included making a coordinating hat from the project's leftover fabric! Many more lessons followed. As a young creative type during the 60's & 70’s, I began experimenting with a variety of traditional textile techniques which became popular from a renewed interest in the Folk Arts.  Then, simply, one thing led to another. Formal fashion design training in the 80′s helped to hone my mostly self-taught skills as well as introduce me to a variety of surface design applications. 

Today I continue to explore new ways of designing with textiles as tools and technologies evolve, inspiring fresh design ideas and excitement for my craft. Each hat is a new expression of my story as a designer – the tale comes to life when the hat is worn.

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Shari Reid

Market Dates

    August 13 - 26, 2012
    Schedule may change - please check for updates

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