Potz and Panzies

Ever since I could crawl, I would seek out mud.....clay.... My mother always told me that as soon as she got me up from my nap, washed and dressed, she would put me outside with my brother and sisters.  I would make a beeline for the nearest puddle where I would  make things in the Alberta mud.  Nothing great, but I definitely loved the feel of clay.

At school one day a new teacher showed us her pottery creations and I was amazed.  I couldn't wait to make things.  In 1967 my family moved to Vancouver and I started taking pottery classes in high school.  I couldn't get enough.  After graduating, I spent years doing various jobs - the Capital theatre on Granville street, three years at the Bank of Montreal and twenty two years working on a fish boat - first as a cook and later as engineer deck boss.  In 2000, a nasty auto accident put a close to fishing for a living.  Since then pottery has sustained me emotionally and financially. 

Vendor Details

Nellie Vlaar

Market Dates

    Granville Island Public Market
    November 1st-25th, December 11th -23rd 9AM-7PM