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I create my jewelry by merging my images with silver and resin to form lovely miniature art pieces. The silver catches the light behind the image, creating a gorgeous luminous effect.

My images are also available as marble tiles, wooden block prints, glass and resin magnets and tradtional photographic prints.

I am a fine art photographer living in Vancouver. I usually photograph my small garden and immediate neighbourhood, but have been known to wander further afield. Born in the England’s industrial north, I grew up in the heart of Newcastle, right under the Tyne Bridge. I enjoyed many childhood adventures on the rusty docks and ancient city walls. After earning a degree in English Literature, specializing in Anglo Saxon poetry, I moved to Canada in my early 20’s. I lived in remote northern British Columbia where I hand-built my own cabin and worked for a decade as a treeplanter. The extremes of my urban and wilderness experiences have influenced my work in many ways. I’m equally drawn to the strange beauty of urban decay and the spirit-lifting loveliness of flowers, foliage and the sky above.


Photolife • Where Vancouver • House and Home • Style at Home • Western Living • Wish Magazine • The Vancouver Sun • The Georgia Straight • Gardening Life • CBC TV’s Living Vancouver • CBC Radio’s North by Northwest

A really nice article about me in my hometown newspaper:

http://www.journallive.co.uk - search for June Hunter

See some of my work online at my Etsy shop:

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