Matthew Freed Pottery

Functional, contemporary handmade pottery made by Matthew Freed.  My diverse product line includes mugs, teapots, bowls, vases, french butter dishes, oil bottles, serving trays, plates, and more.  Sample images can be viewed on my website at


Joan Scarabelli has been creating one of a kind and limited edition jewellery in her downtown Vancouver studio for over 25 years. Her background in sculpture is evident in her pieces along with an insistence of comfort and wearability these works become the wearers 'signature' piece.

Chi's Creations Jewelry

The philosophy of Chi’s jewelry is forging pieces of meaning with personality.  Drawing from her Asian heritage and Western up bring and her love of beautiful things.  Her sense of place and coming of age were discovered when Chi and her family settled in Vancouver among the North Shore mountains, the open sea and the natural beauty has deeply informed her sensibilities and crea

mitcha bags

Miroslav Radonjic, of Mitcha Fine Art & Design Studio creates one-of-a-kind felt wallets, purses, and tote bags, each hand-cut and often hand-stitched.  The bags are simple, with unique details: some integrate beach stones, others handmade pompons, top-stitching, rivets, or fun coloured-felt appliqués. Sleek and durable but whimsical at the same time.

Glory Glassworks Co

Stained glass has a beauty and dignity unmatched by any other medium, and enriches the atmosphere of any room or home in a unique and marvelous way.  The sole artisan and proprietor of Glory Glassworks Company, Jeanette Blackwell went into the stained glass business professionally as a self-taught artisan in 2001.  Glory Glassworks produces stained glasswork in the Tiff