Home Decor

Coldwater Photography

Charito and John Kaay live in Vancouver, B.C.  They have logged over a thousand dives off the coast of British Columbia, a world rich in diversity and colour.  From the first dive John knew that he wanted to photograph marine life.  As part of the underwater team, the photography allows Charito to share her passion for protecting our aquatic environment. 

Potz and Panzies

Ever since I could crawl, I would seek out mud.....clay.... My mother always told me that as soon as she got me up from my nap, washed and dressed, she would put me outside with my brother and sisters.  I would make a beeline for the nearest puddle where I would  make things in the Alberta mud.  Nothing great, but I definitely loved the feel of clay.

June Hunter Images

I create my jewelry by merging my images with silver and resin to form lovely miniature art pieces. The silver catches the light behind the image, creating a gorgeous luminous effect.

Mouseworks ArtPhoto Studios - Creative & Original!

Decorative and functional art pieces featuring Creative and Original photography. We have years of experience with unique mediums, such as CERAMIC TILE and MARBLE. Our creations will present a longlasting, dramatic and memorable accent for your home.